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Jade Garcia


Internationally Board Certified Lactation Consultant, Licensed Cosmetologist, Wellness Coach and Reflexologist


        " Whatever we choose to do in life, we should do it with passion. I found my way to becoming the owner of Nurture & Nectar through years of refining my skill sets, a love for learning and a devotion to full mind, body and soul wellness. The plants have been a few of my greatest teachers. We can learn so much from the symbiotic relationships that swirl among our beautiful existence. From the soil we walk upon, the food we eat, to the amazing bodies we have been gifted; everything we do directly nurtures the other."

          I became a licensed cosmetologist during my high school years, I love the artistic expression of self! My desire to help people, in some way, has always been a strong devotion in my heart; so I knew I would shift directions in my future.  I spent the first years of my college career delving into the science of the mind, as intriguing as I still find the unit of study; I knew I wanted to offer more to my work and the energy I exchanged with my clients. I remained a licensed cosmetologist while I shifted my studies to helping struggling infants and their families find ways to secure  healthy and nutritional beginnings to their infants development. The human body and our divine existence is a fascinating and beautiful network of energy and information. I don't think I will ever stop seeking new knowledge, my craving for understanding continuously allows my curiosity and passions to grow. I began working with infants and during the pandemic lock down I took a short course on infant reflexology. This course was showing us ways to teach parents how to communicate with their infants nervous system, watching its positive impact left me driven to know more. So, I found myself in school again and am pleased to offer this service to my clients of all ages.  During my studies I have received my health and wellness coach certification, and have enjoyed independent studies of herbal apothecary. I have found joy in learning the gifts and benefits that the plants of our amazing homeland and planet have to offer. This relationship found it's way into my self expression and the business I have built to offer to you all.  A curation of my skills, my passion, and my art all in one. I bring to you, a collaboration of my many interests and studied skill sets to nurture the mind, body, and soul & indulge in the nectar of life's existence. - Jade 

Lactation Support 

As a Lactation Specialist, Jade Garcia meets each of her clients with deep empathy and great skill.  She has attained the title of Board Certified Lactation Consultant, after many years of deep study and specialized courses through Lactation Education Resources. With this higher level of breastfeeding education, Jade is able to assist with all stages of a mother and child’s breastfeeding journey.  Her areas of service span from the simple, yet often overwhelming challenges of initial lactation…to more complex issues such as tongue and lip ties, supply issues, combined feeding and pumping routines.



Being a mother of four children, each with their own unique breastfeeding story, Jade brings a personally empathetic touch to the services she offers her clients.  It is her greatest passion to facilitate a supported, successful, and fulfilling breastfeeding relationship for each of her clients.  Through a deep understanding of the unique breastfeeding journey that is personal to each mother and child, Jade offers customized care to meet you where you are, and assist you in getting to the best place you can be for the nourishment of your child, your body, and the relationship that is formed between them all.

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